Thursday, 19 September 2013

Chapter 40: River is A Grownup, Okay? DO YOU HEAR ME MOM? I'M A BIG KID!!!

Hey Guys,

Let me apologize for the lateness of this post. I got laid off and rehired in the span of a week (hooray?), and starting the new job has left me kind of frazzled. I'm also trying to debug my game, but basically it looks like the house is glitched (but the exported family seems to not be?), and I'm dealing with crazy crashing issues...

THE WINEPOTS WILL BE COMPLETED, it may just take a little time to work my way around things... Right now I can play for 2 days in-game, then I have to export the household to the bin...then start a new game and import them. Ah, technology...

Don't worry, the creepy waxen Winepots will continue to titillate you, you saucy minxes...!

- Clarr