Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Download Your Very Own Winepots!

Hey Gang!

Well...my save game got corrupted, but thankfully I had saved the entire family and Toilet House to the Bin... So those Winepots will be relocating to the town of Aurora Skies, but they will exist, which I think is the key thing.

Also, Scandinavian stuff is cool. So deal wit it.

Even though I have no legacy update for you today...I have something that is even better...!

Look up and to the Right---->

See that link that says "Download Your Very Own Winepot"? Yea. That one. Mmmmhm.

Here's a shortcut!

Download the various Winepots, give the forgotten ones their own story (we're all thinking about James and his alien baby, Hannah...)


Send me your screenshots and I'll put them up here!